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Pan-African Surf Club T-Shirt
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Pan-Africanism was a movement that began among the African diaspora, and was the core ideology of cultural movements such as the Harlem Renaissance, Afrocentrism and even Hip Hop. There are many versions and interpretations of the ideology, and in its broadest form, Pan-Africanism is a strong sentiment that people of African descent have a great deal in common—a fact that deserves notice and celebration. The concept is valid and ever present even today as many artists and prominent social figures of African origin and/or descent have explored and connected to this ideology. The global contributions of Africans to the world in domains such as mathematics, medicine, engineering, fashion and the arts are considerable.


Bantu Wax celebrates Pan-Africanism in every aspect of our brand. Our designs are inspired by the incredibly rich and diverse people and landscapes of Africa, and our production and fabric sourcing all happens on the continent. Our aim is to celebrate African culture by embracing traditional methods and working with local artisans, so that the clothes you wear are authentic in their designs and in their ethics.


White short-sleeve tee with printed graphic on front and back.

100% Cotton

Made in Kenya