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Locust Fly Boardshort
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100% microfiber board shorts with shoe lace tie and reverse pocket elastic tab.
Digital all over print of majestic Baobab trees from a vintage African wax cloth. Our functional designs using high-performance materials are created with the water dwelling surfer in mind. Made in Africa to deliver a story to the world.


Since 2019, East Africa has been afflicted with unprecedented swarms of locust flies, destroying crops and stripping entire pastures. Community is a big part of African culture, and when tragedy strikes coming together is a priority. In Ethiopia, volunteers from the entire region work together to harvest produce before the buzzing desert grasshoppers get to them, while others share their crops and food to make sure no one goes hungry. This kind of resilience and solidarity is what Africa is about. We’ve created the locust fly board shorts in an effort to raise awareness on the locust plague, and to celebrate the incredible people that are showing up for their community.