Babou Gueye


AGE: 28


How long have you lived in Ngor?

It's been since I was born, I started surfing at the age of ten.


How long have you been surfing and why do you surf?

Surfing you know, it's a sport that I like. Before it was my brothers who surfed, and I said to myself that I had to start trying. And you know what, now were here.


When I was in Indonesia, I dreamed of surfing, you know. So after this dream yes…it was real 


What is your favourite surf spot?

It would be here!


Describe to me what the perfect wave is for you?

For me, the perfect wave is in Ngor

Because that's where I started, plus the wave is powerful you know, it's not like the other waveson the other hand there are different waves, in Ngor the wave is long, you have more room to manoeuvre

Ngor has the best wave, the best why? Because I was born there that's where I grew up that's where I learned to surf so this wave is my favorite. On the other hand Ouakam for example, is a good wave but its one that works better in the winter when its longer over there.


If you had to describe the feeling you get when you surf, what would that feeling be?

So the feeling frankly is good because at the start on the first day that you go Suddenly with the paddling and all that if you don't have the motivation, and as soon as you have the motivation you start to improve and you see it will gradually come, yeah


What would you say to all the people that want to learn to surf in Dakar?

It's very cool for the people who learn in Senegal. There were no jokes coming out now there are jokes, its very cool now.


Do you think we are presently living a moment for African surf?

For the now its the moment because at the beginning we couldnt get the material but now were starting to get the right equipment to surf seriously


How would you describe Dakar as a city?

Dakar is a beautiful city, the people are cool, we share everything, its like family


How do you know when it’s the right wave?

This is wave riding. This is how the wave comes. Ah! That's it, it starts, it builds up. There are two waves, for this one, the second was the right one but if you didn't notice you took the first one while the secondand so on like that.


In your mind and in your imagination, what are the colors of Dakar? If you had to choose its colors what would they be?

Well the colors... green, yellow, red!